This is the place where I will compile and report my online income. These online income reports will help me track my progress and hopefully will inspire you to earn extra income on the internet. I started to explore online income opportunities in July 2017. You can read my first article about online income here.

Online Income Sources
  1. Paid-to-Click Websites (PTC)
  2. Surveys
  3. Adsense (Blog / YouTube)

Online Income Report

July 2017     PTC - $27.13  |  Surveys - $3.94  |  Adsense - $3.58 = Total Online Income - $34.65

August 2017 - coming soon

What are Paid-to-Click websites?
PTC websites are basically paid-to-click websites where you click on ads and receive a small credit after 15-20 seconds. It's free to sign up and earn money. The ads are available every 24 hours.

Neobux is the most trusted and reliable PTC website. They've been around since 2008 and have millions of registered users.

My PTC Strategy
My PTC strategy is very simple. I signed up for a few PTC sites, including Neobux, but I'm focusing on building a big referral base in Neobux. Neobux offers a referral program where you can rent referrals and earn commissions from their clicks. The more referral I have, the more I make. The money I earn from other PTC websites, will be used towards referrals in Neobux. PTC websites pay through Payza (PayPal alternative).

My main PTC Site:

Other smaller sites are used to earn from ads and invest into Neobux:
Buxcap, W3Adz, FamilyClix, DifBux, EldiBux, and Grandbux.

Earning with Surveys Websites
My other income source is through filling out surveys. I'm a member of two surveys sites; Leger Web and ClixSense.

Leger Web is only available for people who live in Canada and US. The minimum payout is $20, paid by check or Air miles. I have received 2 checks $20 each and currently waiting for my 3rd check.

ClixSense is available worldwide, but if you live in US and Canada, you will get more surveys to fill up. I just started to use this site and already completed a few surveys. Their minimum payout is $10. I chose Payza as my payout option.

Earning with Google Adsense
I have a YouTube channel and Dividend Income Stocks blog. The earnings from Adsense is still very small, but I plan to grow my YouTube channel. YouTube takes a lot of time in the beginning. Video shooting and post production is time consuming. But this is the type of the work that you do once and then you get views every day.

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